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Good Times, Santa Cruz - October 21, 2008: Art Seen - Hans Feuersinger



Andrew Abarbanel launches “Inspirations in Ice” to showcase haunting images of ice spikes and captivating frozen landscapes

SOQUEL, CA - October 1, 2008: Local psychiatrist Andrew Abarbanel today anounced the launch of the site Inspirations-in-Ice.com and his official entry into to the world of art photography. His work features otherworldly images of ice spikes and fantastic frozen landscapes, created in his freezer, and composed and captured through his unique artistic vision.

Abarbanel has christened his genre Hydrodynamic Expressionism – his work evokes emotional responses in viewers who see a range of personal imagery in the reflections and refractions of the watery shapes. People lose themselves in the detail, the patterns of bubbles, and the mix of colors. “All the world's a Rorschach,” attests Dr. Abarbanel . “People react to the photos at different levels. Some find them relaxing -- places to lose themselves. Others parse the photos to reveal how they see themselves, their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes."

Abarbanel will officially launch his on-line presence and start offering his works for sale on Friday, October 10, 2008, from 6:00 to 8:30 PM at his offices in Soquel, at 2820 Daubenbiss Avenue. The reception will feature an exhibition of large format prints of his photography, accompanied by cocktails.

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