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The Maltese Valentine

Casual in Blue

The Entire State Building as Rachel Used to Say

Dark Reflection

Perspicuity in Blue

Exultation in Green

Paunchy Skier Ponders Novice Slope

Streamline in Gold

Upside Down Cake (Blueberry)

Purple and Prismatic

Poisson in Love

Jennifer's Secret

Said Simple Simon

Fantastic Voyage

Girl Ice Cube Somewhat Unbalanced

Picasso's Platypus (gold)

Litigation in Gold

Golden Sphinx by Oasis

Reaching in Purple

Red and Blue

Fill 'er Left Up

Perspicuity in Blue Two

The Emerald City

A Snowman's Chances in Hell

Green Mitre

Jack and the Beanstalk

A Touch of Gold

Riverside in Pink

Spectral Glance at Necklaced Valentine

Santuary in Gold

Frozen in Blue

Blue and Red Boy

Marsupial Ice Spike Peering into the Abyss

Planarium in Gold

A Turnip's Shape Afloat in Gold

Chaos over Chaos in Blue

A Cell Buds off from Primal Ooze

Narwhal in Emerald

Pink Kitty

Prideful in Gold

Gaia the Porpoise God


Into That Dark Night

Streamline in Gold

Rosetta Stone in White

Day Two (!)

Peripatetic Splendor in Emerald

Mem Claw With HIdden Smiley Faces

On Porpoise

Green Number Three

Mirage in Blue

Pomp 'n Circumstance

Lemon Urn Right

Headless in Scarlet

Gesundheit (Purple)

Sphinx in Royal Blue


Escheresque in Blue

Mr. Mole

Picasso's Platypus

Yellow Boy with Blue

We Are The Hollow Men


Babel in Gold

Just When You Thought (Blue)

Time and Tides

Jack Daniels Melting

Keel Floating in Gold

Fieldtrip to Golden Oasis


The Beanstalk Strikes Back (Detail)


Gesundheit (Gold)

When the Wind is Southerly

Gold in Gold

Hieroglyphics in Gold

Day Light in Blue

Why Me

Rising out of the Delta Lizardo Howls at the Moon

Canary Balancing Unhappy Egg

Niagra Gold

Supplication in Blue

The Atoll

Gesundheit in Gold

Big is Beautiful

Ice Lizards Dancing

Edward Teller's Nightmare

Grand Entrance

Self Portrait in Blue

And God Said Unto Cain

Blue Boy with Yellow'

Golden Urn

Man in the Moon Pointing at Kansas

Politicanthropus Hypohydraulicus

Slanting Form in Gold

Red Bird on Ice

The Green Hills of Eden

Day One

Red Ingenue

Urn 2


Molly Friedrich's Nightmare

Blue Boy II

Behold the Pale Rider

Fill 'er Right Up

The Invisible Man on Malibu Beach

Just a Bump on a Log in Scarlet and Blue

The Scream

Lemon Urn Left

Leaning in Blue


Stormy Urn

The Pied Piper

An American in Tubingen

Daniel Cup

Carbon Footprint

The Breech

Rogue Wave at Sunset

Solicitude at Sunset

Widow's Walk

Apprehension in Green

Birdly in Yellow

Requiscat in Pacem (Blue)

Storm in Blue and Red

New Year's Eve (Blue)


Druidical Lucre

Aardvark Chilling

Toil and Trouble

Gliding in Pink

Insight and Reflection

Entropic Demise

Crystal Future


Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax (Platelets Anyway)

Seal with blue ball

Emerald Bay

Closeup of Canary Balancing Unhappy Egg

Bubbles in Blue

Headless in Purple

The Swimmer (Detail)

A Prayer for Peace on June the Sixth

Green Fin Floating on Hillside

Mt Diablo Coming into Focus


Alembic with Inchworm

Hillside in Pink and Gold

Picasso's Penguin Hiding Ducky & Teddy Bear

Tonight We Have a Really Big Shoe

The Cryogenic Coleridge


Gold and Brown

Golden Boy in Stripes

Casper the Friendly Ice Spike

Rosetta Stone in Blue

Solicitude in Red

Twilight Hillside

Wake up Mom

Headless in Gold

This Isn't Ice Either But It Followed Me Home

Necklace in Pacem (Gold)

Blue Suede Boot Cryogenically Preserved

Saffron Crown on Sandbar

Poisson's Hippocampus

Golden Ledge

The Pequod

Benediction on Krypton

Sundial at High Noon

mirage in Saffron

Picasso's Penguin

Terpsichore in Saffron

Just Pucked

The Sorceror's Apprentice

Green Guy

All American Slug Sliding Downhill

Balboa's Surprise

Dante's Landscape

Peeking in Yellow and Blue

Fieldtrip to Kilimanjaro

Eros in Aqua

Night in Shining Armor

Frosty the Penguin

Amber Thumbprint

Rainbow Kitty Licking Shoulder

To Yearn in Orange and Blue

Happy New Year (Red)

Thinking Golden Thoughts

Admiration in Gold

Ice Power

Nessie in Gold

Proud Papa

The Invisible Man

Projection in Blue

This is not a Pipe Named Steve

Babel in Blue

Sweet Bird of Youth

Pink Ahab

Blue Flash at Sunset

Inspector Mole Examines the Attic

If Mae West Were an Ice Spike

Huck and Jim Drift into Danger

Cherry Urn


Daddy with David and Katie in Red

Golden Medallion with Incongruous Shadow

Play Group by Cold Front on Titan III

Hollow in Red and Pink

Golden Hill

Warty Bliggens

This is not a Pink Badger

Rogue Wave in Gold

Magma Rising

This May be a Bird Named David

Training in Purple and Pink

Upward Bound

Trumpeting Pachyderm by Steamy Jungle River

Election Night 2008

Spirits Rise in Blue and Red

Poisson Out of Love

Thumb Zup

We Shall Overcome (Election Night 2008)

The Wizard at Lakeside

Aswirl in Blue

Syringe Bird Wading in Marshland

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night and
the Evil Captain Ahab Plumbed the Depths

Father Tending Cyclops Egg

Gaia in Orange and Pink

Motley Pup

Niagra in Gold

Patience in Gold

Baby Fractal

Blue Russian

Picasso's Pony, on the edge

Carpe Diem in Blue

Blue Keel ... Inversus

Winston Surveys the Boer Landscape

Golden Child on Mother's Shoulder

Pelican Rock

Never More

Sunrise ... Sunset

Exuberance in Gold

Now THERE'S a Superbowl

Frog at Edge of Titan Puddle

Ghostly Dance in Red and Orange


Boy Ice Cube Going to Pieces

Just When You Thought

Ode to Joy

Just a Bump on a Log

And Each Separate Dying Ember ...

Poisson in Pink

Form in Green and Lemon

A Tear Forms in Ice Land

Golden Ridge Azure Sky

If James Dean Were an Ice Spike

Prelude to Golgotha

Stepping in Purple



Of Mice and Men in Scarlet

Narwhal with Sine Wave

Dark Blue Girl


Nessie in Stripes

Lemony Lawyer

Chaos in Sepia

The Path in Purple and Gold

Bleah Bleah Bleah in Saffron



Chaos Lurking Beneath Tranquil Surface

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Countryside with Shark Fin

Yellow Horne

Bubble Bubble

A Molehill in Hell

Blue Seal

Mob Assails Gaussian Hills to Decry Statistical Approach to Bubble Studies

Gold Fish

Rarely Seen Hatching of Pachyderm Egg

Penelope Longing

Green Boy

Green Boy

Picasso's Portrait de Monsieur De Gaulle

The Hooded Face of Doom with
Wandering Eye and Golden Fleece

What the Hell are the Ribbons?

Crossing Over

Sedate in Yellow and Blue

Nevermore in Scarlet

Independence Day

Inclined Plane in Bubbles and Blue

Admiration in Gold 2

Octopus's Garden


Anti-Daniel Device

Monolith in Turquoise

Bleah Bleah Bleah in Bleau


Aformentioned Birdie Lolling

Blue and Blue

The Swimmer

Walking the Guard Dog

High Plains Drifters

The Poynting Vector

Felicity in Red and Blue

Moby Dick Light

Rana Rana

Spirits Rise on Saffron Shoulders

Admiration in Blue

Cold-Hearted in Red and Blue

Unbalancing Act

Narwhal 2

The Persistence of Memory

Pomp and Circumstance

Life Evolves on Titan

Waiting for Gato

Grendal and his Mom at the Rink

The Leap

Black Bird

Red and Purple Boy

Man's Best Friend in Blue and Orange

Hatchling T Rex

Fishy in Purple and Blue

The Sorceror's Apprentice II

Nessie in Blue

Peripatetic Munchkins
under a Kandinsky Sky

Blade by Miro

Apprehension in Yellow and Black

A Divided State of Mind

Dino in Gold

Projection in Gold

Amplexus on Pluto

Green Horne

Love-in by mega-geode (Humpty Dumpty,
eighth from left, presiding)

Rachel's Trophy

Lemony Snicket

Blue Bird on Ice

Spirits Rising in Gold

Rogue Wave in Blue

This Island Earth II

Hummingbird in Gold

Spirits Rise on Sandbar

Yellow Knoll

Moby Dick Dark

Lost at Sea

Blue Pequod

Baby's First Swim


It Isn't Ice but It's Cool

Headpiece Filled with Straw

For the Snark was a Boojun You See

Sunrise on Molokai

Gibraltar in Blue

Near Miss at Poolside

Emerald Hill


Speckled Syringe Bird Wading Offshore



Solicitude at Noon

Blue and red thing

Blue Boy

Snow Crab Imposter

Stature in Blue

Moby Dick with Moby Shaped House

Monolith with Bump


Pyramid in Blue

Light Blue Girl

Freddie the Rat Emerges at Sunrise

Dark Red Spike

Daddy with David and Kate in Gold

To Pete ... Requiescat in Pacem

Amplexus on Alien Shore

Upside Down Cake (Pineapple)

Dearly Beloved

Split Level in Gold

Just When You Thought (Gold)

Seal and Toy

Rachel the Golden Girl

Smiling in Gold

Double Rainbow

Black Hawk

Involution in Blue

Red on Pink

Litigation in Blue

Wintry Day

Streamline in Blue

At Attention in Cardinal

Golden Ridge Golden Sky

Daddy with David and Kate in Purple and Red

Golden Bobble Bird Strikes Land

Profile in Three


Casual in Saffron

Golden Boy in Stripes Reversed

Planarium in Blue

Rosetta Stone in Blue and Gold

Resquiscat in Pacem (Gold)

Ice Fortress

Carpe Diem in Azure


Cousin It Dazzling in Blue

Solicitude on the Shore

Exultation in Red

Sanctuary in Blue

Pink Number Six

UFOs over Arctic Dunes

Vase in Royal Blue

Little Guy in Green and Brown


Play Ball

Lurking in the Sewers by Sutter Street

Thou Still Unravish'd Bride of Quietness

Round and Happy

Heiroglyphics in Blue

Alertness in Red and Blue

Smiling in Pink

Rachel Cup

Picasso's Duck

Trophy in Sepia

Monsieur Mole


Escheresque in Gold

The Angle of Repose

The Perfect Wave

Monolith in Gold

Blue Chaos

Peripatics on Ice

Hummingbird in Saffron

The Beanstalk Strikes Back

Afloat in Lavender

Baby Squid Peeks out from his Lair

Friedrich Gauss Reflecting on the Color Red

Blue Yellow and Red

Gesundheit in Blue

Balancing Act

Pequod in Green

The Blue Angel

Topologically Implausible Frog on Equally Implausible Lily Pad

Desolation in Blue

Minkowski in Wonderland

Striped Frog on Shore on Triton III

Pigeon in Red

Hollow in Green and Gold

Groundhog's Day

Diffidence in Blue

Semillunar Skyline

Pachyderm Hiding as Ice Cube

Carpe Diem

Free Your Inner Bear

Monsieur De Gaulle Turns Blue and
Loses His Head Over Cubist Rendition

Iridescent Frog from Krypton Six

Golden Hills at Sunset

Wormasaurus Lurking


Of Mice and Men

Leaning in Pink

Some See Me and Ask Why

The Path in Blue

Sedate in Saffron

Green with Too Many Footprints

Headless in Lavender

Blue and red seal

Humpty Dumpty with
Bubblebath and Streamers

Gold Flash at Sunrise

The Specter of Omaha Beach

The Spectre Bride with Train and Chorus

Little Guy in Red and Blue

Green Fin

On Egdon Heath

Play Group on Titan III



Red Over Purple

Heiroglyphics in Gold

Rarey Observed Hatching of Pachyderm Egg

Birdie in Brown

Bubbling Buddha Pissing Buddha

Gold on Gold

Gold Adrift

One Eyed Jack

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Eruption in Lavender

Picasso's Pony red

Apocalyptic Witness

Rogue Wave at Sunrise

Pretty in Pink

North Pole

Blue Bird

Emergence in Blue

The Crown of Venice

Why Not

Redoubt Reflecting

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