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About the Artist

A recovering physicist turned psychiatrist and photographer, Andrew Abarbanel lives and practices near Santa Cruz, California. His early work in solid state physics led to a lifelong fascination with the structure and properties of water and the unendingly rich ways it freezes into icicles, snowflakes, glaciers, frost and so much else, including the array of items presented here. His work in psychiatry makes producing the photographs all the more intriguing: the items and themes people see in these photos are as rich and revealing as any clinical responses in the last 90 years of Rohrschach inkblot testing.

Abarbanel’s training in physics and medicine were at Stanford and Harvard. He has written numerous articles on the psychological aspects of art and literature, a book on the effects of psychiatric disorders on relations (and what to do about it), and a text (as co-editor) on the psychiatric applications of electroencephalography.

Dr. Abarbanel has four children (Katie, David, Daniel, and Rachel) who keep him humble, impoverished—and inspired. The site is dedicated to you, guys.

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